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Two months into my recovery, I had a conversation with an intense recovering alcoholic as we were setting up the coffee for a meeting on 73rd and Madison Avenue. I asked him, “so this clean and sober thing we’re doing means we never get to drink or use for the rest of our lives?” He said to me. “well…yeah I guess but…I mean if there is a nuclear war or something… we would probably all use if that happens.” So, in an instant I had my caveat, my loophole. There could always be a nuclear war and I would get my hall pass to have another drink. Then he looked at me as if he was peering into my soul and said with the conviction of the truly saved, “but if you stay here and do this thing you won’t want to drink because you are going to get a bridge back to life and it will be BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!”

-Christopher Kennedy Lawford