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Christopher as an Author

In his 2005 New York Times bestselling memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal, Christopher Kennedy Lawford chronicled his deep descent into near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction, and his subsequent hard-won journey back to sobriety, which he has maintained for the past 24 years with the hopes of making a difference. The overwhelming response received to his book impressed upon Lawford the number of people struggling to find their own way back from addiction and the need to share their stories, which led to the development of Moment of Clarity: Voices From the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery.

In 2009, The New York Times bestseller "Moments of Clarity" was released which illuminates the spiritual epiphanies that occur in 44 people's lives enabling them to move from addiction to recovery and the A-ha moments that got them there. Mr. Lawford has a novel in the works focusing on the relationship between men and women.
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Christopher as an Activist

Christopher Kennedy Lawford has spent much of his life in Hollywood and Washington, navigating these two worlds as an actor, writer, lawyer, activist and public speaker. However, before his successes, Lawford battled a drug and alcohol addiction for much of his early life. In recovery for more than 24 years, he shares his experience, strength and hope to make a difference in people's lives. As a result of his drug addiction, Mr. Lawford was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2000. He was successfully treated and is now virus free. For the past five years he has worked with a number of partners in private industry, the non-profit sector, state and federal governments and patient advocacy groups to effect change and raise awareness about these two pressing public health issues. Presently Mr. Lawford is working with the United Nations, the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse, and the World Health Organization in efforts to raise awareness globally about addiction and hepatitis.


Mr. Lawford has extensive experience in the non-profit sector working with a variety of organizations including: Caron Treatment Centers, California Hepatitis Alliance, The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, Special Olympics, The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, and was recently appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Public Health Advisory Committee. Mr. Lawford spends much of his time speaking globally in support of these issues. His political resume includes executive staff positions with The Democratic National Committee, The Community Action for Legal Services Agency and in the Washington office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. He has also held staff positions on numerous national, state and local political campaigns.




Christopher as an Actor

Mr. Lawford spent over fifteen years in the film and television business as an actor, lawyer, executive, and producer. He began his career in Universal Studios' Independent Film Acquisitions where he was responsible for the acquisition of American Graffiti, one of the highest grossing films of the early 70's. As an independent producer Mr. Lawford arranged financing for and produced films including Kiss Me Guido & Drunks, both films were selections in the Sundance Film Festival. Mr. Lawford's acting credits include Eavesdrop, Slipstream, The World's Fastest Indian, Terminator 3, Blankman, The Doors, The Russia House and many others. His credits also include a three-year tenure on the popular soap opera All My Children.

What Others Are Saying

Christopher Lawford owns the most elusive of the qualities a young writer needs –he is in possession of a naturally good style…three cheers."
– Norman Mailer

… poignant legitimacy.
– Janet Maslin, The New York Times

…Chris always weaves a moving tale of self-discovery and redemption…a writer of talent and grace.
– Publishers Weekly

..a stunning writer who knows how to craft a vigorously honest book which tells the story of a family in the arduous process of coming back to or repairing one's life
--David Talbot, Salon

"Chris is a master of words and uses them in an eloquent and humorous fashion allowing the audience to feel the pain and enjoy his successes with him. He is among the very best speaker I have ever heard and nonfiction writer I've read."
- Vista Hill

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"Recover to Live" by Christopher Kennedy Lawford.

From New York Times bestselling author of Symptoms of Withdrawal and Moments of Clarity Christopher Kennedy Lawford, comes a book that will save lives. For most of his early life, Christopher Kennedy Lawford battled life-threatening drug and alcohol addictions. Now in recovery for more than 25 years, he works to effect change and raise global awareness of addiction in nonprofit, private, and government circles, serving as the goodwill ambassador for drug dependence treatment and care for the United Nations.


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